Alles ist abhängig vom Wasser .. unser Planet besteht aus 2/3 Wasser… wir bestehen aus Wasser .. unsere Beine baumeln im Wasser über den Steg .. ein Jungvogel nähert sich … flink pickt er seinen Schnabel ins Wasser …


Thinking about violence

after a long meeting from nearly 90 min from all friends around the world

I sit here and watch the reflecting moon on the Glas

Can’t find sleep … trembling listening to the words Mama ..which the man called lying on the ground and begging the police to let him breath

at the end of his power nobody pushes the man away from him

How do uniforms impress us ..

How do we act believe when we don’t want to push the cloud away and able to see the reality of violence

Author Rosemarie Aquiliana wrote a nice comment on my Fb page where I mentioned her name .. thankfully what that robe has done to me

In justice is lots protection we all need when things get in struggle .. both side !

So why do we not bright our light and blend ignorance away to live more in harmony and love

Like in friendships we have to work .. for this .. to fold it .. to keep it .. and to nourish it

Trust in our failures , the steps backwards and the people we meet on this path to make our light brighter ..

It’s not an easy way to go . I need trust confidence and tolerance ..and believe that even little steps matter

During 2o12 I lost so much :: friends .. by death .. relatives .. by death .. too many criminal attacks paralyzed me ..and finally to stay healthy I had to quit the job I belonged to since 1980

Sometimes it’s a big pain in the heart to do steps like this … you never want to do but knowing and feeling certain it is a healing for the soul

Mourning and grief are words we don’t want to look at ..but they matter

I feel grief for all ones who suffer by violence momentarily.. you say you can’t do anything .. I think different ..Tonglen from my Zenpratices gives me the feeling to do anything to share little help .. although I can’t see the success .. I believe it works

The was a man called Mullah Nasrudin

One day a neighbor watched him to put a plate outside where he put all the tiny left pieces from bread ..

Why are you doing this the neighbor asked ..

Well .. Nasrudin answered. I m afraid of tigers ..and by behaving like this no tiger will come …but here are any tigers the neighbor said

You see it works

Love and blessings ..

I know my ,, Missetöter,, is still there outside anywhere …may be watching me as he did before he attacked me .. surprisingly .. but nobody believed me .. but there was a witness.. I can’t hide .. I love blogs .. telling story .. and one day I ll tell the violent story with him into words

Truth is the sharpest weapon against violence it splits and let others know on which side they want to be ..acting or ignoring

Everybody gets a choice ! these are the values of life ..I m ready to live for this ..and stand up ..although others put me out of the circle ..

There is a holy circle ..

supporting , loving …being in the dark it leads you where to go where to be

none can tell you ..that’s an adventure

Being on a boat without captain …but a good steering wheel ..to find the right direction for a together

Pfingsten neben Miro