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3 years @metoomvmt #Repost • • • The end of sexual violence begins with this next act. The next chapter of #MeToo is here. #ActToo. (text: @taranajaneen) ⬇️ • • • On this day, three years ago, like many of you, my life was forever changed. I woke up to see the words that I had been using for years to create community between survivors had taken over the internet and millions of survivors, like you, had found new strength and new community in each other. The last three years have been full of hills and valleys with many bright spots and it’s share of challenges, but as the saying goes, nevertheless we persisted. We are where we are today because of you, survivors everywhere who said ‘me too.’ Boldly or quietly, often or just once…there is no Movement without your courage and your tenacity and your leadership and today I want to say, thank you. I have often been struck by some folks’ willfulness and commitment to *misunderstanding* this movement. While there are those who want to make it about something evil and adversarial, we have always been clear that this is a Movement that is about two things: Healing and Action. Today, in gratitude for the work that so many survivors have put in, we want to share this offering. When so many voices are raised to make a courageous statement it is our duty to meet them at the site of that courage and take action – and we have created a tool to help you do just that. Everyone cannot say ‘me too.’ but every one that cares about the lives of survivors and wants to bring an end to sexual violence can #acttoo Introducing the world’s first Activism Recommendation Engine. Take a look at the link in my bio." 💕 #metoo #acttoo

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ich bade in den Buchvorstellungen

Ich weiß nicht wie es dir geht aber Bücher sind doch tolle Rückzugsorte wenn es um einen herum zu bunt wird

Nach dem Vorfällen im Kummerfeld

konnte ich lange nicht lesen

Das war wie eine Abschnürung ..ich hatte die Konzentratrion einfach nicht .. weg und dies geschah mir als Leseratte

Alles unsichtbar

Haben Sie die Geduld ein Buch zu lesen

Nein …

ich weiß dass kann jeder sagen .. aber nicht jeder kann sagen er leidet an einem Komplextrauma … dies lässt sich mittlerweile an Beweisen aus der Radiologie unterlegen … das sollte auch in Gerichtsgebäude durchdringen …aber leider wird da noch an einigen Stellen gemauert ….