Learning to cut of the members who do support the abuser .. is a longlive Prozess

At first it begins with feeling .. when you feel you are human .. but living in an atmosphere who feeds monsters .. fearness makes you numb

You don’t feel anything .. you just do survive .. and there are traces .. of this survival Modus ..people who Never lived this through can’t follow this trace .. they feel .. their pain listening to it . and feeling makes pain and nobody likes pain .. so they avoid pain . This is human .. but this is what abusers love … to shine their falseness so bright .. that it is feeling more comfortable to be there and blame the ones he uses for his falseness

How to deal with this big Stepp .. not going back … cutting of ..and live in peace .. is more than human .. it’s a chance to greate evil .. which was planted in ones body .by abusers work into light …

At First you doubt to work it out .. but since the first day I felt this evil planted into my body …

The earlier it begins .. the Self protects you .. you ignore .. like the members of the abuser do .. this is Human .. Common ..

But the evil works in you .. and you dislike it .. abuser Love the evil .. and his members as well .. it makes them happy .but not you .. and here we begin …. to transform the evil in you into something….you never have known

It’s like flying to the Moon and do the first step

in Humanity … not visible like this universell adventure ..but worth going it

Cut off the members .. like the rocket goes through atmospheric boundaries ..

and Than see what will come next …

You are not getting lost .. you are his_Story

Your presence is a story he isn’t aware …

But in you are more stories .. nobody can forbid you to tell …..


To cut off the members who support the abuser .. is learning by doing ..

piece + piece =Peace