To say yes to one’s own healing path with the mantra what brings joy for me without hurting anyone else the way I follow ….
I listend to many rude sentences .. which gave me lots wounds next to the big one
Being older and allowing me this age .. I feel more free to accept my healing
And believe me Jeff .. the best friends are those without any suggestions .. thanks for mentioning this subject .. lots do struggle
I can’t forgive .. but life helps me to forget
Give & get .. sounds good

You won’t hear any forgiveness mantras by trauma wounded ones .. they don’t suggest anything .. they accept you as you are .. ok when so came to the conclusion to forgive .. Halleluja
.. I feel joy with him
Not all wounds need plaster some don’t need anything .. just fresh air .. 🙏

How dare you to ruin my reputation

It’s a long time ago .do you know what are you going to harm HIM .. you do ruin H I M

I wasn’t asked what has haplened to me

But I was blamed what has happened to HIM

and you tell me s th about forgiveness