i went to some lovely markets recently

Art is momentarily the best way to digest dark moments in my life

often we don’t like to speak about it and we  try to shine sooo positive for others … but that’s not my way

things has to be cleared and it’s important to stay in the truth otherwise  I go lost .. but I didn’t go .. the trouble in the waterglass calmed down .. by the help of some good friends and a good lawyer

so here are some moments I was given the last time

yester day lots artists showed their art in Hamburg in the Landhaus Walther :Hamburg zeigt Kunst

the market for many cloths was very empty .. the reason was the good weather and lots free days the people took for being on a trip

and good music underlined the good atmosphere with lots sunshine yesterday

I love being at the seashore

in List I saw the drawings of Geert Jan Jansen but I felt more in love with the paintings his wife does


Nature + George o Keffee


Georgia O’Keeffe a Life in Art from Georgia O’Keeffe Museum on Vimeo.


I spent lots hours in the outside and looked for some moments not to think what’s going around here in Europe .. sorry but sometimes is feels like being in the kindergarten .. and that is an exhausting job

I don’t want to think about it but feel responsible to do .. all seems little bit strange

and I think it’s better to hover one room left and look what my heart wants to paint


love and blessings