I love you


 beautiful blog : I love you 

suddenly all is different .. life has been so normal . .. but suddenly all is different

what makes it different .. may be a call who informs you your  friend passed away without saying goodbye

or did he .. yes we did .. we said…

The moment he died a deep thought make me thinking at him .. wanted to send him an sms .. but I didn’t .. but I did sending love to him ..

the power of love … its so kitchig  this sentence but its a real power .. my musician teacher always said .. the power of love is  radiant .. all over the world .. deep into other atmospheres ..

well the last may be beautiful .. so there is no need to stop loving you .. and give you my love into all atmospheres .. wherever you are..

I love Tina Dico .. and here is a beautiful song called .. a room with a view 

I wish you all the best .. who knows what will be tomorrow .. but Love still remains

I love this recipie   Cheesecake 

kalte Hände warmes Herz ..: Nähanleitung zum Muff

he evening ended with a Barfuss in Paris .. I love dancing Tango which I can’t do but the Promenade is quite ok .. love this dancingpart of the film



Waiting for my coffee guests I disscovered an old recipe book of my grandma‘ s mother .. Only baking recipes she collected

Frau Meyer was an kochmamsell .. She cooked for several rich families  in Bremen

i loved all her recipes .. She died with nearly 99 years ..was a very thin person and lived in a beautiful Schrebergarten green and white painted near to a stream .. I loved being there..but only till 6 I do remember her ..the other I can’t remember

good memories are like good ,, Hautkrems,, skin cream


mail me in case you are interested in the recipe of the cake it’s so delicious !!!