Grey November

we spent some nice hours in a paradise of swimming pools .. I love going into these sweating boxes .. so we colored our grey saturday with lovely colored moments


here is a nice  women blogcommunity in Bremen 

and about the Bremer  Suppenengel , Zia is a friend of mine and I remembered how the moment grow in her soul to feed other homeless people

drinking ginger and lemon together as a tea .. reminds me on her and the beautiful scenery we joined in the mountains

2017 Nov saturday therme ab


looking forward to reading Joan Halifax new book   published May 2018 : Standing at the edge

on Facebook she posted today some supporting words :

„Standing at the Edge“ on respect/disrespect: If our personalities or values clash with another person’s, we may express our disrespect through subtle or not-so-subtle disparagement. When we deny the basic humanity of others, we smother our own humanity. And when others deny our humanity through disrespect, we can feel diminished, disempowered, and demoralized.