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my neighbor is about 103 years old .. she is a woman ..  she lives  in  a flat  on her own in a very noble kind .. I love her smile when I see her in the lift every morning

..she still wears beautiful shoes . Her feet are very small .. . She experienced the war

On the back of a horse she left during second work  a big farmhouse .. Every time I see her tiny feet .. I think how did she rode this big horse . Once she put a foto on a table  and I saw her .. very young woman next to the horse.. her smile is on this foto like hers today ..

She answers my good morning .. but than she quickly says hello to our dog and I love listening to her stories which the dog listened as well .. and swing as  saying I like your stories  by swinging his tail ..

The driver fetch her every morning .. to drive her to a place where she can join others .. late afternoon she comes back .. filled with loth emotions

These emotions she want to tell the man in the early morning from the care service .. for sparing time ..so for being with him she tries having  her showers on her own and this time she spared .. she loves to have a coffee with him

this is my neighbor

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here is an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung .. about getting older in Germany

about 17.000 people over 100 years old are living here