what a magic word .. but I had the choice to be annoyed by all these filled cupboards .. or just empty them .. and I did

Yes .,. step by step without any adviser .. just my feeling which pushes me .. and the result is joy .. sometimes I  go back to the kitchen .. just to look into the tidied up spaces


by the way I cleaned as I do it weekly .. the fridge .. and found this .. egg basket .. which I now will use for my aquarelle drawing ..

little bit Psychologie: 4 Questions

and how I miss being on tour because its wintertime .. the caravan is in the barn



sunny autum


i m a great fan of communities .. although I love being alone .. but to go to findhorn is my big dream .. still sing 1977 where I ve been there for several day .. so I m happy to listen to what happens there or the people who visited it ..

hope ..

IMG_7095.jpgthanks for being here .. wish you a day .. with