The egg


A film about the egg :


running with eggs … I loved doing this in Eastern time unce upon a time

this drawing is just a quick one I made again without any eraser

I did steal the idea from Alexandra Eldridge love her style

and on her Facebook page I discovered the film about the egg

.. thanks

and tschüss



I  visited a new art teacher

.. living here in NorthGermany .. don’t ask me how I discovered here .. but I did .. after an exciting morning .. s o has to be moved into hospital .. I missed meeting  a date but was quite happy things went ok and I was able to dive into colors for about 3 hrs ..

Weather was still foggy and cold ..  a good time to find a tiny shop for having som Mulle but I didn’t find any ..

we were lots of women .. very busy with beautifull drawing

in my mind was a picture fixed but M was very talented to blow this fixed picture out of my mind ..

well than I thought put some Fotos from the Süddeutschen Zeitung into it

My Intention was to draw a cat .. and for this I need a beatifull background .. but than things changed .. and it was called collage and I was trained to make one step after the other .. it was intresting to learn s th about composition and rhythm .. and honestly .. I didn’t understand anything

reminds me on an afternoon with E .. ( Artshop) who as well tore lots papers.with us .. moving the pieces again and again . and intended to  make us learning s th I didn’t understand

sorry … so it was .. but I loved joining the group

for me it was like visiting a new house .. you are very carefull in your steps .. and exploring every corner

well and till now .. I don’t know how it ends .. .. but it makes me curious .. finaltomorrow .. I m going to go to a beautifull exhibition .. more soon

thanks for being here

tschüss ..

Series :: y is

we now finally do come to an end .. it is our last Serie we soon can upload .. I decided to upload some angels ..


funny  suddenly a male angels appeared very new .. and instead of having wings he  is dressed in a Christmas suits colors

I m happy it’s not the last hrs I spend with my artist teacher and so many  beautiful artists puipils around the world

the following year 2017 .. there will be a whole-year-lesson I have to learn and practice : joy !!

Some recently drawing: fresh framed


tschüss bis bald .. andrea