Christmas 2016


It’s nearly over .. the Christmas days

stormy .. quite warm and some storm warnings are sound through the radio .. 6*C ..


it was my task not having any stress .. and we did it. Everything was well in time .. we work in social services and so it is .. there is some need to put the holy night and the meeting on other days ., our main day was last night..

and it was so peaceful and filled with lots talks

during the day on 24 th we gave all our wrapped gifts to the children we know .. we are really gifted to be so close to lots and when at night some videos with these lovely children voices filled our room .. it was a gift for us to feel their joy

well but the world is changing .. I don’t want to talk too much about it here .. because WordPress is more an Englisch blog about art ..

halleluja just sounds from The Radio .. still sitting here .. and in case you need a present or got some money you want to spend ..

Diane Culhane wrote a nice book : if you can doodle you can doodle

this blog 2016

some art I made new were the gift cards .. it was so relaxing and nice to invent everything different

enjoy this special Christmas time .. and nice to see you here again with me and following here on my Mini-Art-Tour ..