Kelly Lyles

Well some days off from the Internet is quite relaxing

I m looking for a garden to rent but it is difficult to find .. but more about this action soon ..

In the one year lessons : 365 every day a video with Carla Sonheim and lots Artists around the world ,

I learnt to know in a  private video WHO Kelly Leyles is


such a fantastic artist .. kitschi  as a nneighbor described her

the other lessons I booked in is with the artist misty mawn

and without knowing anything about the first week lessons .. I bought the right things to start .. makes me happy when she sent me her mail in delay with an apologize

Painting online is the right thing for me .. next to my job there is less time and I have lots Jobs right now .. private reasons .. You know I m a woman and it’s often we do lots things but can’t say no ..

but still learning this difficult chapter of life

I m missing my artlessons with Manuela Rathjen who please google her .. has a nice exhibition here in our beautifull north

It s time to finish my morning coffee break and continuing my house cleans up .. we are having quests tonight .

thanks for reading .. have a good day

tschüss bis bald