first floor

draw a floor or more where you ve lived in

that was our task yesterday in 365 everydayavideo with Carla Sonheim

My cold still have influence on my daily wellbeing and I still have the feeling it’s getting worther than better

anyway .. make it simple my mind said and don’t overload others with your moving

so I draw my first floor I really loved to live in

a tent .. not mine .. but my brother’s  we slept so many times in our garden

it was fantastic and we waited for the moments to switch on the torch and walk around secretly into other gardens or ate so many sweets in our own time

and the raining days were so beautiful .. listening to the drops falling down and made such a good music.. we dreamt us away ..

of course it was sometimes boring .. but to do nothing .. sharpen our senses .. still smell the wet Cotton tent walls and the fresh cutted lawn

finalAnd here is a beautiful artist

Beatrice Wood

and a beautiful Video .. on YouTube